Our Firm

The E.K. Riley philosophy is rooted in our driving conviction that doing a great job for our clients is integral to our success as people and to our success as a firm. Our focus and emphasis is on the client's investment needs. 

We recognize that solid, strategic planning and execution, all with a demanding attention to detail, are essential both to serving clients and to creating a successful investment firm. These are turbulent times with constancy seemingly challenged everywhere. The bedrock of E.K. Riley is a belief that investors now, more than ever, seek and indeed require the highest quality investment advice and services. We at E.K. Riley are determined to build and keep our enterprise by answering that call.

At E.K. Riley, our philosophy of 'old values, new approach' combines the best of the old with the best of the new - hard work, trust, solid research, and personal attention combined with a smart use of technology, expert advice, and a clear focus on our clients. 

Advancing the best interests of our clients is at the very core of everything we do. Some firms will spend time creating new fees to levy, cross-selling other financial services, using their research to court underwriting business or promoting high-margin proprietary products at the expense of their clients. We won't.

We are - first, foremost, and always - dedicated to providing objective advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals. It's a simple, straightforward idea. 'Old values, new approach' is our commitment to our clients and to our business.