There was a time when hard work and trust were not commodities; they were a way of life.  In the investment world, old values - like solid research and personal attention - were expected, not extra.

 At E.K. Riley Investments, LLC, our philosophy of "Old Values, New Approach" unites the best of the old with the best of the new - hard work, trust, solid research and personal attention - combined with the smart use of technology, expert advice, and a clear focus on our clients.

 Advancing the best interest of our clients is what we do.  Other firms may spend time inventing new fees, cross-selling other financial services, using their research to court underwriting business, or promoting high-margin proprietary products at the expense of their clients.  We won't.

We are dedicated to providing objective advice to help you achieve your financial goals.  It's a simple, straightforward idea.  "Old Values, New Approach" is our commitment to our clients and our business.